Friday, August 06, 2010

Aida is 2 months old already?

I would have posted this on Monday, but our house has been a sick zone this week. Well, Jeff and I have been sick, anyway. Evan and Aida didn't get it, thank goodness! I was so worried that Aida would get sick, but those great breast milk immunities seem to have done their job.

Aida turned 2 months old on Monday and she checked out great at her doctor appointment. She weighed 10 lbs 9 oz. How much did Evan weigh at this age? 14 lbs!! It would seem that Aida is planning on staying a "baby" a bit longer than Evan did, and that's more than fine by me. We have no illusions of wanting a third child, but that doesn't mean I don't want to relish these remaining days of infancy as long as possible.

We have a first to report. Aida has been trying to kick herself over for a while now, but she rolled over from back to tummy for the first time on Monday. I get the impression that even though she's smaller, she's not going to let her big brother beat her on milestones, because she's really strong!

Routine has been much harder to establish this time around, but continues to get clearer every day. We were a lot more proactive about getting Evan on a schedule than we've been with Aida. A lot of that has to do with breastfeeding, I'm sure. But also, we've been trying to so hard to maintain Evan's schedule, that Aida's has taken a backseat. We seem to be making progress though. We've been putting her to bed at the same time for a couple of weeks, and last night we started a "night night" routine for her. She's still waking up twice at night to eat, but usually sleeps in 4-5 hour stretches, so I can handle that.

Summer is coming to a close and Evan starts preschool in September. I'm really excited to see all of the things he'll learn this year, and he's definitely excited to "start school" and make new friends. He's also going to be playing soccer in the Fall. We finally found a league for his age that's nearby (thanks, Lauren.) I'm sure there will be lots of pictures and video from that experience!

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