Sunday, October 17, 2010

His First Trophy

Last weekend was Evan's final soccer game of the season and he loved getting his trophy! Soccer was a good experience for Evan. I'm pretty sure he had fun, and I think he wants to do it again next year. Although, most weeks he seemed to enjoy the water breaks just as much as playing in the game. He's funny. The coach would tell them to get a drink and he'd come bouncing over like he'd just ran a marathon.

The YMCA program was a great fit for us and was a good introduction to team sports for Evan. He's pretty good at the mechanics of soccer, but each week we had to emphasize good sportsmanship, keeping his hands to himself, and not giving up when he got frustrated. With everything going on sometimes it was hard for him to focus too, especially if he wasn't the one kicking the ball. I think Jeff and I learned some lessons too. For starters, this was our first experience as parents with organized sports. Jeff even got to coach one week, and did a fabulous job even though he was out of his comfort zone. But, it was consistently difficult to know when to intervene and when to spectate.

I think we're all looking forward to next year's season. I imagine the year will make a big difference!

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