Friday, January 28, 2011

It's already time for a new sneak peek!

Aida got her 2nd round of "baby" pictures taken today. We're doing the baby plan, so we still have 2 more to go, but they'll be a little more spread out. Up next is her 1 year pictures! Can you believe it? 1 year??? And then we'll do a family session closer to 18 months.

Today was a lot of fun. Evan and Mandy's little girl played while Aida sat for the camera. She wasn't quite as amicable as I had hoped, but that's what happens when schedules get disrupted, I suppose. But, I think Mandy was able to get a few good smiles, and so far the pictures look great! I love the black and white one especially.

I gotta say, I love picking out clothes for Aida. I try to keep it in check, and I rely a lot on hand-me-downs and my Mom's garage sale finds, but I still buy things here and there. I've always enjoyed shopping for Evan too, but there are just so many fun options for girls! Like accessories...I've been buying most of Aida's hair barrettes on Etsy. The selection is endless and they're all handmade and one-of-a-kinds, I love that! You'll see a few of those in these pictures...enjoy!

Aida's Sneak Peek!

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