Sunday, January 16, 2011

To know her is to love her

We've been trying to play in Aida's room more and one of our favorite games is peek-a-boo. We sit her in her crib and she finds us by pulling down her bumper. We've realized that it's probably time to move down her mattress, though, because she can halfway pull herself using the crib rail! She can't get into a seated position on her own yet, but just in case she learns that skill overnight, I want to be prepared.

We continue to educate Evan on how to play with Aida. He's learning to play gently with her toys and to not run and jump when he's around her. Those are hard lessons for Evan :-) He's also starting to feel the sting of sharing. Sharing has never really been an issue for him, but when Aida reaches for his toys (the ones I'll allow near her,) he flips out! Of course, all of her toys are fair game.

In the last month and a half Aida has changed so much, that I can't even keep track of all of her newly acquired nuances and skills. She makes a full range of consonant sounds. She's figured out how to work several of her toys. She finally started reaching out when she wants to be picked up. And she's so observant! She'll crane her neck in this super cute way when she's looking for you or something she's dropped. She's still not crawling, which I'm happy with, but she has gotten up on her knees a few times this week. I really feel like getting her sleep issues figured out made all of the difference. It was as if we had been stuck in the newborn stage all that time! And I can definitely say that she's sleeping through the night now. It took her 7 months, but it happened. She's been sleeping 12 hours (which is what I consider "through the night") since the beginning of January and I couldn't be happier. She seems happier too, and she's still a great napper, so life is good!

Now I just need to figure out how to hold on to this stage a little longer cause she's just so dang cute and cuddly!!

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