Friday, February 11, 2011

I used to love being stuck at home with nothing to do!

I'm sure everyone and their Mother has already blogged about the great Ice Storm of 2011, but I'm a little behind so he's my addition to the pile...

First of all, Jeff and I are major homebodies, so the idea of being stuck in the house for days on end while even your employer is telling you to stay home - awesome! However, being stuck at home for said amount of days with a 4 year old extrovert that needs physical activity about as much as he needs oxygen - not so awesome! The first 2 days were pretty great because Jeff and I were both here. My company closed their offices, so I was paid to stay home and Jeff has the ability to work from home when he needs to. We spent lots of quality family time playing games, doing puzzles, playing the wii, etc...but then Jeff went back to work on Thursday and I was left at home with the aftermath. We used Tag, hide-n-seek, obstacle courses, and a well-placed play date to dull the impact. By Friday night even I was going a little stir crazy, so we had friends from House Church over to play Settlers of Catan and eat lots of junk food. Luckily I had gotten in some workouts during all that extra time at home!

We also took a few videos last week. Here's one of Aida trying to kiss Evan, or what's more likely, eat his face :-)

Aida has been showing a few more crawling indicators. She can get herself on her belly from a seated position, albeit not gracefully. And I've seen her pull herself forwards and backwards in a bit of a scoot a couple of times. I still think it's a ways off, but she's definitely showing interest in movement. Her favorite though is when you stand her up and let her jump. Who knows, maybe she'll go right to walking.

This weekend is our big Valentine's Day date and our return to monthly date nights! Our babysitter will be here at 5:00 and then we're off to dinner, shopping, and a movie. We realized that this will be the first time we've sat down for a nice dinner (that I didn't cook of course) without the kids since before Aida was born. We can not be happier to start this routine again!

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