Monday, February 21, 2011

Can't we just skip to the Spring motif?

I am so ready for warmer weather. Not 90 degrees, but I'd be very happy with 60's and 70's. We got a little preview of Spring last week and it was so nice to let Evan enjoy the outdoors. Jeff and I aren't the biggest fans of being outside in the cold, so we didn't take him out to play as much as we should have this Winter. But he finally got to ride his new scooter up and down the street and it was really fun to go for a walk and see all of the neighbors out...and then it snowed again!

We're especially excited for warmer weather because we're finally going to have our patio installed. Before we bought our house, several of the homes we looked at had paver patios, and I absolutely fell in love with them. Unfortunately, pavers aren't very practical for the size we want, so we've decided to go with the stamped concrete variety instead. We've picked out a great design and there's going to be a ton of room for lounging, entertaining, and playing with the kids. I can't wait to see it finished and landscaped!

Aida has made some recent progress in the crawling department, she's started inchworming. Its still not a real crawl, but if she wants something bad enough (like my iPhone) she will find a way to get there. I don't think she's realized her potential yet, and that keeps her from going further than her desired object. She's funny because she stretches her arm out as far as it can go to see if she can grab the item and if she can't, she keeps trying. But, as soon as her fingertips can touch it, she's done!


morgan said...

cute! i wish we could have a patio out here - but it'll have to be very detailed and expensive on our sloped yard - or like mom delicately put it, we barely have a yard...

VerWaynia said...

You have the ideal location for a big deck because of the slope! One with built in benches...that would be very cool!