Sunday, February 27, 2011

PJ party

Evan had his 'late Winter' music program at preschool last week. The theme was "praying to Jesus," so they used pj's to help the children remember that they can pray anytime and that God is always listening. The kids got to wear their pajamas to school and even their teachers joined in the fun.

The program was during the day and we were all invited to stay for a brunch pitch-in afterward. Jeff wasn't able to come, and the idea of going solo with both kids was a little daunting so I asked my Mom to join us. I was really nervous about the lunch. I kept thinking, "what if I have to redirect Evan and he throws a fit in front of all of the other parents?" But, apparently my fears were completely unwarranted. Evan was fabulous during the program. He followed along well with the songs and choreography (that's him in the front row with green pants ''praying,") he stayed on task, and I could even hear him singing. And he was perfection at lunch. It helped that Mom was there, but I don't think I ever had to redirect him, and he even stayed in his seat when some of the other kids started running around. I was really proud of him. I might have even been glowing! I got to spend the afternoon rewarding Evan by snuggling with him on the couch with popcorn and a movie. It was a really great Mommy day.

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