Friday, March 11, 2011

So alike and yet so different

I never got around to posting Aida's stats after her 9 month doctor's appointment. She weighs 19 lbs 14 oz and is 28 inches tall. She's in the 50-75th percentiles for both. Those are almost identical to Evan's 6 months!! I went back and read Evan's 9 month post - He weighed 25 lbs!

At least once a day, Aida will make an expression or sound that reminds me so much of Evan as a baby, and I appreciate her ability to take me back to that time with Evan and remember things that I didn't even know I'd forgotten. They have similar personalities too. Aida is stubborn like Evan and definitely outspoken. The other day Aida found one of Evan's many Batman figures on the floor and was playing with it, Evan came over to take it away and she gave him a serious earful. It's so fun to watch them interact. He loves her immensely, and she's always watching him and screeching at him. He reads books and does puzzles with her, and for the times her Big Brother forgets to be gentle, she's learned to stand her ground.

One of their biggest differences continues to be mobility. Evan was walking by 10 months. Aida will be 10 months in a week and still hasn't mastered crawling. She can army crawl pretty well, but her preferred mode of transportation is the scoot. I have a post coming soon about that, but she loves to scoot on her bottom, and can get anywhere she needs to go that way. She'll get on all fours every now and then and it's increased over the last few days, so maybe she's close, but she doesn't seem to realize she can move from that position. She's definitely more of a fine motor skill baby. We also think she's making more sounds than Evan was at this age. In fact, just today it sounded like she said "mm mm." I hope so, because it would be really nice to hear "mama" a little sooner than 18 months this time! After all the time I've spent nursing and pumping for her, I think I deserve better than that!

Her 9 month check up was also the deadline for her blocked tear duct to improve on its own, and it hasn't. Her "goopy" eye has been an issue since birth, so it's time to see an Opthamologist and have it taken care of. We originally thought that consisted of surgery, but it's just an office procedure. One I'm sure she won't enjoy, but I will like that much better than having her wheeled away and put under! Otherwise, she's happy, healthy, has a great appetite, and sleeps 12 hours at night! Way to go Aida!

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Lauren Stahl said...

I love maddie's eye dr. let me know if you need his name!