Saturday, April 09, 2011

10 months and changing

Aida turned 10 months old last week and this seems to be one of those milestone months where every thing changes. Here are some of the highlights...We got rid of her exersaucer because she always prefers to be on the floor scooting at will. She moved up to the convertible car seat, and we said goodbye forever to our infant car seat. She can wave and say "ma ma," but both without intention yet. Just this week she mastered how to get herself to a seated position and she can NOT get enough of it. We thought for sure that might be the gateway to crawling. But now when we put Aida on her belly, she gets up on all fours, slowly backs herself up until she's sitting, and then just starts scooting again. Of course, Aida's love for her new skill doesn't stop at nap or bed time, which has been a challenge. I have to constantly go in there and lay her down because her mastery does not yet extend to getting back down on her own. Aida and Evan have also had developments in their relationship. They recently had their first fight. Evan was trying to hone in on one of Aida's toys and Aida wasn't having it. He reached over and she batted his hand away, and he grunted at her and she grunted back. It was pretty funny, until I realized how many more of those fights I will witness over the years. Aida celebrated her 10 month birthday over Spring Break. We spent the break going on play dates, lunch dates, and spending quality time at home. And not pumping!! Spring Break marks the beginning of the end of the school year, and I can't be happier! At this point I only have 7 more weeks of school, and of pumping. Have you seen Office Space? That's what I want to do to my pump! She still hasn't had an ounce of formula, but it hasn't been without sacrifice and diligence. I'm on the home stretch, though, and nursing has been an amazing ride, even with the pumping :-)

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