Thursday, June 02, 2011

She's one!

Dear Aida,

Today is your first birthday. It's hard to believe, and I'm not really sure where the last year has gone. I swear that we brought you home just last month. But I can't imagine life without you!

More and more of your personality is starting to show through and you're so much fun. You're cuddly sweet and won't ever get too far away from a hug, but you're also adventurous and love to get into things. You're definitely a "mama's girl" and seeing you reach your arms out to me is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. You love to cruise around and I think your favorite destination is my lap, and I'm ok with that :-) You're full of smiles and chirps and make the silliest faces, but you can also get loud and opinionated. Just ask your Brother, you're always telling him something!

You're clearly an extrovert like Evan, although probably not as much of one. But, you generally warm up to people quickly and everyone is your friend. You've also turned in to a very happy baby. The first few months of your life were a little rocky but now unless you're waiting to be fed, you're an absolute delight.

Month 12 hasn't brought about too many changes, but you're cruising more and you did take 3 independent steps last week. You're newest talent, though, is waving. It's obvious now that you understand "hello" and "goodbye" because when you hear us say them you start to wave. It's very cute. Your play also continues to advance. Currently, your favorite thing to do is stand next to a little table and stir things up in your bowls. After you've stirred for a while, you'll want us to try whatever it is that you're making, and of course it's always the best thing we've ever eaten :-) I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time in the kitchen with you.

You and Evan continue to battle for home field advantage, which keeps me on my toes. If you're playing with something, he wants it; if he's playing with something, you want it; you always want to be in his room; and he always wants to be in your room; and so on and so on. But you clearly love each other. Evan is always looking out for you, and if you see him crying, you start to cry too.

I'm hoping to get more quality time with you this Fall when Evan goes back to preschool. This year you napped during most of his time in school, but maybe you'll have given up your morning nap by then and we'll be able to play and run errands together. You don't get the kind of one on one attention that Evan got for so long, but you get a ton of attention from all three of us, so I'm pretty sure it evens out.

Every day I discover a reason to love you more. You are a sweet and beautiful little girl, Aida. And I know that we all thank God for the day He chose to bless us with you!

Love, Mom

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