Sunday, July 31, 2011

Her path to toddlerhood

I'm a little behind on this announcement, but Aida is walking! This video was taken 2 weeks ago and she's already practically running. On July 4th, she started trying her hand at walking, and would occasionally take several steps in a row, but most were flukes. Sunday, July 17th was when she really became intentional about walking. Monday she was walking 50-75% of the time, but if she fell down she'd scoot. And by Tuesday, the 18th if she fell down she tried to get back up, and by the end of that week she was walking with proficiency. She loves that she can walk. When she first started she would giggle the whole time and smile at us with so much pride. I love it!

These days we hardly ever see the scoot and I miss it, but watching her waddle all over the house makes admitting she's a toddler almost worth it. Aida is so fun and she's in to everything. And I can't believe how tall she is, she can almost reach the doorknobs - uh oh! Life seems to be getting even more interesting!

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