Friday, July 15, 2011

How long ago did she turn one?

These were Aida's one year pictures, that I should have posted forever ago. But then vacation happened and since then I've apparently been too busy watching tv or something to update the blog. Speaking of tv, I have found myself occasionally watching Buffy reruns during the kids' quiet times. Yes, my appreciation for all things vampires apparently knows no limit. Except for the HBO version, that won't be named, God and I were not seeing eye to eye on that one, so I had to cut it loose.

Anyway, the pictures...they were taken just before her birthday. This was the first time Jeff was present for a shoot, so we decided to get a few family pictures taken too. She was super cute as always and it was a beautiful morning. We had fun and ended up making a day of it. Her last "baby plan" pictures will be in the Fall when we do family know, for those Christmas cards that I'll probably never get around to sending out.

So, what else is new with Aida? Well, she's kind of walking. On several occasions she's walked across the living room and she'll take steps if she's already standing and has a target in mind. But, she's still got a sweet spot for the scoot, so I wouldn't say it's official yet. And there's a chance that she's said her first word. Aida loves to wave and she's started saying what sounds like "bye bye" when she does. Aida "talks" all the time, but this is the first time that a word has been consistent and contextual. She's decided that she loves water. Between vacation, the pool, the splash park, and our sprinkler, she's becoming a water baby. We've also started the transition to one nap and she's only nursing 3 times per day now. She's growing up so fast!

I definitely think Aida is going to be Mommy's helper. She's already my shadow, but she's started to imitate me now and it's so cute. The other day I was cleaning out the dishwasher and when Aida wasn't handing me dishes, she was taking them over and placing them on the table like she knew exactly where they went. And If she sees me cleaning something (which frankly is pretty rare) she'll want a rag so she can wipe too. Her favorite is still pretending to cook. It seems that I've granted her complete access to my spice cabinet, and she's spilled pasta all over the floor on numerous occasions. Luckily Aida makes a mean "pasta soup" and looks adorable doing it, so I don't mind.

Evan and Aida are playing more together which is starting to make my life easier. Of course I have to run a lot of interference, but they have fun together and Evan is always gifted at making her laugh! Evan has been enjoying our frequent play dates, story time at the library, and riding his bike. He's also just gotten his first real chore, which he thinks is fantastic. He's always had to clean his room and make his bed, but now he is in charge of refilling Elliott's (our cat) water bowl. He's very proud of how he "takes care of his pet," and I'm left wondering how long until the curtain is lifted and he realizes that chores aren't fun.

We're having a great Summer, but it will be over in a month, and that's not so great :-( But there's a possibility that I'll be working two days/week this year starting in September, which will be nice since Evan will be in preschool three days/week. I'd really like to be the one that takes him to school each day. We'll see, my company is working some things out, but it's looking good. But, Summer isn't over yet, so there's a lot more fun to be had...Starting with a Grandma weekend that has just begun! Aida is still here, but Evan is off at Grandma's house for two nights, and if we're lucky, Aida will let us sleep in until 8:00!

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