Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's that time again

The leaves are starting to change, the insanely hot temperatures are finally starting to drop, and football is back. That can only mean one thing...it's time for television to begin its Fall premieres. It's no secret that I love TV. Each year the options seem to get smarter, funnier, and even more creative, but since my plate is already fairly full, I need to at least pretend to be selective. I've been reading reviews and watching clips and I've compiled a list of the new shows I plan to check out this year. I ended up dropping at least 3 of the new shows I started out watching last year, and I'm sure that will happen again with several of these. But, here we go...

Once Upon A Time - A show focused around fairy tales. I've got a soft spot for the fantastical, so I'm going to check it out.

New Girl - I am soo excited about this show. Zooey Deschanel is one of my favs, and it looks really cute and funny. I'm not sure how it can go wrong.

- Buffy is back! Need I say more? I'm still a little unclear on the plot, but I'm going to watch a few episodes and see where it goes.

Up All Night - Will Arnett seems to always equal cancellation, even though he's beyond hilarious, but maybe this will be the difference maker.

Free Agents -
This has a great cast, and is based off of a British show, which is almost always a sure thing, but I'm not sure about the appropriateness of the content. I'll give it a few weeks.

Grimm - It's the fantastical fairy tales again, only this time in more of a CSI fashion. Friday is a big night already with Fringe, Chuck, Nikkita, and you know, all the crazy going out we do, so this will be a DVR - "get to it when I get to it show."

The list is pretty long, but I'm sure it will get shortened fairly soon. It looks worse than it is though, because most of our tv watching happens via our DVR when we have the time, although there are some shows we watch in real time.

And of course there are returning shows I'm super excited about like Fringe, all of our Thursday NBC comedies, Vampire Diaries, and HIMYM. Oh, and did I mention that the trailer for Breaking Dawn came out tonight? Yeah, I know that's not tv, but I couldn't go without mentioning it because YES!!

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morgan said...

i plan on watching grimm too.

the new girl kinda bored me which i hate, cause i wanted to love it, but i just couldn't get into it, but maybe i need to keep trying cause everyone else loves it.

i love up all night!! one of my new faves!

the free agents already is cancelled for next season :( i watched it the first night.

we have to record all shows, never have time to actually watch anything while it's on, but we've been like forever now