Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Today Part 1

Today was Evan's first day of Preschool (this year, anyway.) He'll be going three days per week now and getting ready for Kindergarten. Kindergarten? No way is that only a year away! He has a new teacher this year and so far he really likes her and his classmates. I think he was a little hesitant when we walked in because there weren't any kids from last year's class, but he was very bubbly when I picked him up so his extroverted self must have quickly bridged the gap. Evan loves school and I hope he has a fantastic year!

Meanwhile, Aida and I spent the morning strolling through Target with Starbucks in hand and going to her 15 month Doctor's appt (which is part two, in case you were wondering.) I think this time around, I'm going to love these preschool mornings. Last year she was still taking a morning nap so between that and her lunch, we couldn't go anywhere. The only downside is that this might lead to more frivolous spending, because I see a LOT of shopping in our future. I can't express how liberating it is to walk through a store with a child who still sits in the cart! I could tell Evan and Aida missed each other though because they exchanged a big hug when we picked him up, it was seriously cute!

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