Saturday, October 29, 2011

Field Trips

Evan has been on two field trips for school this year: the Apple Orchard and the Fire Station, and he also just had his first class party for Halloween. I'm going to be honest - these events exhaust me! They're fun and he has a blast, but I am always completely wiped out afterwards. The orchard wasn't so bad because it was outside and Aida was in a stroller and we went at our own pace. But, the fire station field trip and the class party were inside and there are always a ton of parents at those things so it's really crowded, and I'm always stressed and worried that I might have to redirect Evan in front of everyone. Of course, he was really good for both, although maybe a tad too talkative and inquisitive at the fire station. Once I've recovered, I look at the pictures, and remind myself that I'm really lucky to be able to attend those with him

I left Aida with my Mom for the fire station field trip, but I brought her yesterday for the class party and that was a big mistake. She chose the moment of silence right before the class prayer to have her first full-on temper tantrum. I had to remove her from the room and didn't know that meanwhile Evan was going to be the one saying the prayer. When I got back, the teacher told me that I had missed it and that his prayer was so sweet and heartfelt. "Way to go Aida!" I learned my lesson, though. An hour is too long to be cooped up in an overcrowded room watching everyone else have snacks and play games when you've missed your lunch and are getting dangerously close to nap time!

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