Monday, April 09, 2012

Could they slow down a little?

Last week was Spring Break and the biggest thing on our agenda was a trip to IKEA. It had been so long since our last visit, I almost felt guilty when we walked through those big glorious doors. As always, we only had a few hours, so we decided to try a new tactic this time. We usually make a shopping list on their site, but this time we started in the pick up area. We used the list to get all of the things we knew for sure we were going to buy and loaded them in the car. That left the rest of the time to leisurely browse. We felt it was an effective strategy, especially when you have limited time.

The main reason for this trip was to purchase Aida's "big girl" bed. We got her the Malm and she loves it. It's really low to the ground, so I don't have to worry about her falling out. I was worried that the freedom to get out of bed would be too much, but she's done a really great job with the transition. She's still napping, and bedtime has even gotten easier. But, when we check on her before going to bed, it's so surreal seeing her asleep in that big bed. I sold her rocker on Craigslist and I got a little emotional last week when I knew I was rocking her in it for the last time. Aida has stayed a "baby" so much longer than Evan, and I've loved every moment of it, but I know they have to grow up sometime.

We moved her name to the opposite wall and used IKEA flower lights as a border. They function as nightlights too, and I think those have helped with bedtime as well.

This is her dresser after being painted and detailed. I also used different fabrics to cover the knobs and I love the finished product. It's a completely different dresser and so girly and it fits perfectly in her room. The mirror is IKEA, as is the lamp, but the jewelry holder is from Target - that girl loves her necklaces :-)

Aida's room is really small, but I think we've made the most of her space. She has 2 little nook areas - one for reading, and one for playing. She also has her dress up clothes out where she can get them now, which she loves. And she thinks she is so cool when she sits at her table. The shelves and hooks are IKEA. The bins are Target, and the table and chairs, that my Mom painted, are from a garage sale.

The second major item on our shopping list at IKEA was a desk for Evan. He has recently entered the world of Legos and he had long outgrown his little kid table. He needed a workspace and something that could grow with him. If all goes well, this will be his desk until he leaves home. This acquisition has been a major game changer. The other day, Aida and I were downstairs and I realized he wasn't with us. I went to his room and there he was, with his door shut, working on his legos. Let's be clear here, this child NEVER voluntarily goes to his room or anywhere that is not where everyone else is. I was shocked. I think he really likes the space to create and focus. It's a good thing because he's about to be a Kindergartener! I registered him this morning. Ack! I hope this Summer really drags, because I don't think I'm ready for August!

And of course, Mommy had to get something on this trip too. Remember last year when we put in a patio and I got a chaise lounge, but really wanted 2? Well, it just wasn't in the budget then, but I'm glad we waited because they dropped significantly in price, so I was finally able to get the second one. Don't worry, Jeff wasn't left out - he also got a new desk. It was a great trip and a great Spring Break! Too bad work starts tomorrow...

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