Friday, May 25, 2012

He Graduated

So, it would seem that everyone but me is ready for Evan to go to Kindergarten.  He even has a preschool diploma to prove it.  Evan had his graduation this week, he thought he was a celebrity with all of the cheers and camera flashes.  In one of the pictures you'll see his arms raised high, and I'm certain he thought everyone was there for him :-)

He went to his new school a few weeks ago to complete the Kindergarten screening process and he loved it.  He can't wait to go back.  He has a few friends that will be going to Kindergarten there next year too, and I'm glad he'll know some of his classmates.  I was of course "that parent" that requested his testing results and I was devastated when the principal responded with failing scores.  Of course, he quickly realized he'd sent me the wrong scores and the real ones showed that he crushed the test.  He was above average in every category, and I knew he would be.  But I also learned from that experience just how much I want him to do well.  I want him to succeed and excel, but I also want him to enjoy school.  I'll need to be careful not to pressure him too much in order to strike that balance!

It's going to be so strange next year having him gone all day.  The drop off/pick up routine of preschool was getting old by the end of the second year, but it will be sad not having him home for lunch every day, and I know Aida will miss him too.  On the plus side, I'll finally be able to dictate my own schedule on the days that I'm home, and Aida and I will have more time for chillin' and running errands.  I'm definitely entering a new stage of life, and so is Evan.  Together, I think we're going to meet the challenges head on!

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