Wednesday, June 06, 2012

2 Already?

Dear Aida,

Sometimes you look at me and say something in your sweet little voice that makes me think that there is no possible way any other little girl in the history of the world could ever have been this cute.   You're simply amazing, and I constantly see your little mind working.  You speak in full sentences and mimic everything you hear, which of course keeps all of us on our toes.  You're almost as extroverted as your Brother, but you also appreciate your own space and don't mind playing by yourself. You adore Evan, but you have no problem sticking up for yourself if he's trying to boss you around.  You do not get pushed around - I really admire that about you :-)

You love animals, especially kitties and puppies.  If a book has a kitty cat or puppy dog in it, you are all about it and you're always asking us to draw them on your doodle pad. You play the cutest game with your Daddy where you ask him to be a kitty, and then you say, "give me hug, kitty." Then you wrap your arms around his neck and it's ridiculously precious.

If you were asked what you wanted to be when you grow up, I'm fairly certain you would say either a ballerina or a princess.  You love all things girly, but you also like to watch super hero cartoons with us, so I think you're going to be well rounded.  Besides princesses and baby dolls, your favorite toys to play with are probably still your Little People.  And your favorite Little People? The baby, the Mommy, and Noah.  You're crazy about those three! 

We had your party this weekend and you loved all of the sweets.  In general, you're not that interested in tv, but if you had a favorite cartoon, it would be Super Why. You request it by name and it seems to hold your interest the longest.  So, we decorated your cake with the Super Why gang and skittles. I think you approved.  I made the butter cream frosting for your cake and ice cream cupcakes, and it was my first time ever attempting it.  I love butter cream icing so dearly that I've never wanted to take the chance I'd mess it up.  It wasn't the best ever, but it was good enough that I'm willing to keep trying to perfect it.  We'll see how Evan's cake turns out!

You loved all of your presents, but you did not like it when we sang happy birthday to you.  You made this face...

This is going to be a big year for you. You've been showing a lot of readiness, so we've already started preparing for potty training but we'll officially kick things off at the end of the month.  I think you're going to do great!  When Evan starts school, on days that I work, you'll be going to daycare all by yourself.  No more big Brother to lead the way.  Your speech continues to advance - you no longer call Evan, "Emmy," and that makes me sad.  About a month ago it just changed overnight to a completely clear "Evan." You're growing up and changing so much every day.  You're not nearly as clingy with me as you used to be, and although it means I'm able to get a lot more done, I miss it.  Ever since getting a big girl bed, your naps are fewer and farther between, and you've been asserting your independence more too.  For awhile your favorite phrase was, "No I not!" The truth is that I really just want you to stay my baby forever, but I know that can't happen.  You're going to be a "big girl" whether I like it or not.  But I am so tremendously honored to be your Mother and guide on this journey! We love you Aida Bear - Happy Birthday!!

Aida's official stats from today's Doctor's Appointment: 3 feet tall and 34 pounds light.  She's in the 90th percentile for height and 95th in weight.  She's an overachiever :-)

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