Friday, January 12, 2007

How Can I Work Less?

I've reached the stage of maternity leave when I dread the idea of leaving Evan and spend most my time trying to think of ways to be home with him more. My goal after this summer is to work part time. The idea of leaving Evan 5 days/week and not being part of those daily routines is heartbreaking. Even the monotony of bottle feeding and changing diapers becomes desirable compared to work. Anyway, I have one more month to wrestle with these thoughts, but more importantly to enjoy every minute with this sweet face!! Stay tuned to our next entry when Evan goes to get his first round of shots and he weighs in - we're guessing at least 13 lbs!!

1 comment:

morgan said...

that face!! he's becoming more & more like a little boy! it's amazing to see how fast he goodness! tell him to slow it down! :)