Tuesday, January 09, 2007

So Strong

This weekend was Evan's dedication at church. Normally the dedications at our church have several families but for some reason this Sunday it was just us. It was fun for Evan to get all that attention but it also made it so much more special. The pastor encouraged us to make God a regular part of Evan's days and throughout my time at home I've really tried to do that. My time with God has really become our time with God. I know that eventually I'll need to reclaim that one:one time with God but it's been so special sharing it with Evan. We spend time in the morning praying together and I usually read him a Psalm, then at night as we put him to bed, Jeff and I have started praying with him. I've really begun to treasure those times! It's so important to us that Evan knows God and is able to have a relationship with Him and I hope that we've started that process.

If this sounds like a routine, it's because it is! Evan and I have finally begun to have some real routines during our day. He now takes real naps during the day and has several very fun play times. Life has become more predictable and Evan gets more interactive every day! He's so much fun now! We're still waiting on that laugh, but he smiles all the time and sometimes I almost cry looking at his sweet face. He's still not sleeping through the night, but I think we're getting closer all the time. Evan has so much more control over his head now and you can tell by the picture that he's a strong little guy!

I also had a milestone this weekend - I was able to wear my rings for the first time since they had to come off. I haven't taken them off since and although they are definitely still tight, they aren't cutting off circulation so I'm going to chance it!

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morgan said...

Great Picture!!!

yay for routines! I'm glad you guys are putting God in his life so early. He'll benefit from that so much. It'll be a great day when he can pray out loud with you both!