Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Vacation plans

Jeff and I have started talking about vacation ideas. He's figured out when he can take off of work, so now we have to decide what we're going to do...We've talked about visiting some friends, but if that doesn't work out we're throwing around the idea of going to the Dunes. It's close enough that we can travel while he sleeps and still not lose much sleep ourselves, plus we've never been there and it's kind of a beach, right?

Vacation planning is so different once you have kids. It's so much more complicated. I realize now how much we took our freedom for granted before. We put off our trip to Italy because of money, but now I think, "you fools - you had it made then, you could have just hopped on a plane and gone anywhere you wanted." These days cost is the least of our concerns. All the places we'd like to go are too far away - we're not ready yet to fly with him, drive that far with him, or be that long without him. But all the places close sound boring.

So, we want a place that we can get to fairly easily and will be relaxing for us, but also have fun things for us to do with Evan. Evan loves being outside (not sure where he got this) so maybe the Dunes will be a good option. If anyone has any other suggestions or feedback on the Dunes - we'd love to hear it!


morgan said...

i think the dunes sounds like a great idea. i thought about that for our anniv. but travis said prob. guys could look into Ann Arbor, & then drive to Lake Mich or something. don't know how far that is though. that's just somewhere i'd like to drive to someday. i have clients who lived there & thought it was pretty.

LadyStahl said...

The Wisconsin Dells are nice, or St. beach though there. Tom and I are taking the girls to Maine at the end of this month...we are flying, should be really interesting to say the least. My family has a house there though so at least we will have most the comforts of home...good luck!

Maya said...

It's been a long time since I've been to the Dunes but they were a lot of fun to roll down I remember! That's how long it's been! There's tons of small towns in Michigan that are supposed to be awesome I hear.