Monday, December 03, 2007

Back to Good

Tonight was the finale of the Heroes' Volume II. Hopefully they'll come back yet this season for Volume III, but this hinges on the resolution of the writers' strike. If any of you out there checked into Heroes this season because of my strong (at times obsessed) recommendations and were a little disappointed - I'm sorry. This season had a very slow start, one that the execs admit to and say they are fixing. Luckily the last month of episodes and especially tonight's have been truer to form.

Tonight's show was way intense and totally delivered. So, if you've been watching this season and thinking to yourself, "what on earth has she been going on about?" - tonight's show was that what! Hang in there because I think it's about to get crazy good...well, sometime in 08' that is.

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bub83 said...

I'll agree w/ you that last night was good, much better than the season 1 finale. My gosh what are you going to do now without your heroes.