Saturday, December 29, 2007

Construction Photojournalism by Carin

Our friend Carin was at the house helping out and decided to take some pictures with our camera. She's very talented (as evidenced below,) so I asked if I could display her work. The pictures at the end are a few of my before/after shots. They're mostly after because I never got a chance to take befores. We're exhausted and there's still more work to do. We've had a lot of great help and it's been invaluable!


morgan said...

great pics carin! i'd like to see the one of the light in black & white. Great angles! of course, some of these are just showing our mistakes..... oh well! :)

Maya said...

Those are great pictures! It's looking so guys are putting in some hard work!

Kelly said...

Great pics! Looks great!