Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Will it ever be done?

So, my earlier estimate that everything would be finished by today was a little off. Each project is mostly done, but I don't believe any one thing is completely finished. Ok, I take that back. Jeff has installed all the lights we currently have in our possession and he put up all of our closet rods. Our window treatments haven't come in yet, we still have a few lights being shipped, the wall is definitely not done, the floors still need a few finishing touches, and there are a couple more rooms to paint. I've been told the wall and french doors will be finished tomorrow, which will be good because it's difficult to let Evan run around with nails and hammers well within his reach. I'm very task-oriented. I love to check things off when they're finished and I hate loose ends! I feel right now like the house is just one big loose end, and it's driving me crazy!


The Phillips said...

Welcome to my world :) Oh and nothing ever gets done in the time you estimate and I have decided that we will still be putting on the finishing touches this summer. I don't like loose ends either but in this case I have learned to live with it or I would be in the looney bin!! I can't wait to see it look like it is going to be so nice.

Maya said...

It'll all come together eventually! I'm exactly the same way and so impatient when it comes to this stuff too!!!

LadyStahl said...

hang in there it will get done soon enough and then you will be moving and the weather looks nice and warm for this weekend!