Thursday, May 08, 2008

Who does he think he is?

I lost the battle to cartoons a while back. He usually watches a show after breakfast, sometimes after nap, and one before dinner. I stick with Noggin, because I like how they don't show comercials. Plus, I'm pretty sure my toddler is becoming a genius through all of Moose's educational shorts.

Most recently, cartoon time has been invaded by toddler indecision. I usually blog sit with Evan while he watches cartoons - You know, just to make sure Little Bear is on the up and up. So, he'll be sitting there enjoying a cartoon he's seen at least five times and all of the sudden he brings me the remote and starts whining as he points to it. Since I'm apparently his butler, I oblige by finding something else suitable for him to watch and within five seconds he's back to the whining. The other day we repeated this process at least 5 times, until I finally just turned off the tv.

As I pondered the whole ordeal and tried to come up with a mommy solution for next time, I realized, "Oh my goodness, he's a man in training!"


morgan said...

maybe try leaving it on that channel so it's always the one that comes on first but have the remote hidden so it looks like you can only turn it on & off and only w/ the tv, no remote. but, he'll prob. be smart enough to just walk over and turn the tv too.

Maya said...

Jeff has been training him secretly!!! Those men sabotaging on boys!!1 :) I think I might be out of the loop...what is noggin? Maybe Direct TV doesn't get that.