Monday, June 09, 2008

I promised I wouldn't blog

Jeff and I have spent the last few days celebrating our anniversary, sans toddler! It was all about QT, so no blogging allowed. Mom came to get Evan on Friday, then we went to dinner and watched a movie. Saturday we went to IKEA (again) and when we got back we spent the rest of the evening camped out at a bookstore. Sunday we slept in before going to pick up Evan.

We had a great two days. We did whatever we wanted. We didn't have to pack or carry the diaper bag. We got in and out of the car with ease. We didn't have to consult Evan's schedule. It was really nice. But, then we saw his smiling, adorable face plastered to the window as he watched us walk up the sidewalk. He ran and jumped into our arms and simultaneously started jabbering about something we couldn't understand.

It was good to have a mini-vacation from the non-stop stress of parenthood, but it sure felt good to be back!!


morgan said...

glad you had a great time and glad evan did ok!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Welcome back, and happy anniversary!