Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hugs and kisses

We've raised a very affectionate child.

[Ok, I have to interrupt this post, to inform you that Evan just came into the den holding a big chocolate covered donut in each hand, he drug the box off the counter and is currently enjoying his spoils. Thank goodness he's his own tattle tale. Problem averted, mess cleaned up, now we can return to our regularly scheduled post.]

When we have play dates, he often hugs the other moms, and he'll give almost anyone a hug and kiss upon request. Last night we ran into some friends with kids and as soon as he saw their little boy, who is mostly a stranger to him, he walked up to him with his arms open wide, offering him a big hug.

When we read books about characters who are sad, he lays his head on the page to make them feel better. And sometimes when he's in the middle of playing, he'll randomly come hug me or put his head on my lap.

He's a sweet, social, and caring child, but I'm afraid he doesn't know much about "stranger danger." He has displayed the occasional age appropriate stranger anxiety, but it's not a regular thing. He says a loud hi and bye to everyone he meets at Target and loves flashing that big smile of his.

I'm kind of sad that we'll have to teach him to be cautious and even suspicious of people. And if that doesn't take away his innocent, "everyone wants to be my friend" philosophy, school certainly will.

Someday he's going to meet someone that doesn't appreciate his friendly ways, bright blue eyes, and welcoming smile. That person will hurt his feelings and it will take everything I have to keep from giving them a beat down. Luckily we're also raising a confident child with pretty good problem solving skills, because even though I'll want to, I can't solve his problems for him. That will probably be one of my most difficult parenting moments!


pam said...

I think that is one of the most difficult things along with not getting invited to parties when other kids do! When they hurt we hurt for them! FYI that never goes away!!!

wendy said...

Ahhh - the hugs. The Girl still hugs everyone (and she is almost 10!). The Boy...not so much.

Enjoy his love of life and innocent wonder of it all!