Saturday, October 11, 2008


Part of being a graphic designer is that sometimes you have to pull late hours to get a project done. My husband, the graphic designer, works downtown. But, we live in the burbs, so those late hours, even when rare, can become cumbersome.

Unfortunately, the kinds of programs he uses in his job require a lot more juice than our MacBook can provide, and the Apples that can are way expensive! This week Jeff was able to bring home a computer from work to meet that need. Thank you [Jeff's company!] Now he'll have more flexibility when the job allows it and our ever increasing sick days will be much less stressful.

There's one more benefit to having one of his work computers at home - Photoshop! I could never get Jeff to put Photoshop on our MacBook because of all the space it takes, but now I finally have access to it.

You'll never hear me claim to be a photographer, but on the rare occasion I get lucky and take a decent picture, I like being able to play with it. I had no idea, though, that Photoshop was so complicated! I'm already missing the simplicity of iPhoto's editting. I'm pretty sure you could get a doctorate in Photoshop. I would say that the pictures in VerWaynia might start getting easier on the eyes, but that's only if I dont' give up first!


Maya said...

Yeah! That sounds awesome! And now you get to play in PhotoShop!

morgan said...

cool shots