Thursday, October 09, 2008

How Bill Cosby Tames the Savage Beast

Some of you may know that my husband does a few solid impersonations, and one of them is Bill Cosby. Since I'm pretty sure that these were part of his "picking up chicks" repertoire, they might have become a little rusty over the years, but he's found a new use for his Cosby.

Between the incessant sickness, constant asthma treatments, and the rhoid rage, Evan has become quite contrary these last few weeks. Even the simplest of tasks can catapult us in to a full on meltdown.

While I was at Pilates on Monday, Jeff was at home manning the nighttime routine. For some reason, Jeff decided to distract Evan by talking like Bill Cosby, and it worked. He paid close attention to everything Jeff said, started laughing, and became very cooperative. The best part is that Evan tried to mimic him. When I came home and heard the story, I thought it was really cute, but the next day I got to see it, and it cracked me up. Each time that Jeff did his Cosby impression, Evan changed his voice to what he thought sounded like Jeff's, and started babbling on about something.

Maybe this is an early sign that he's gotten his Daddy's talent for impersonations. Either way, those boys of mine are something else!

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morgan said...

he's gonna start wanting a sweater and some jello snacks!