Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"It's the final countdown"

Remember this guy? Well, he doesn't look like that anymore. He's almost two and if you haven't noticed, he's quite tall. The top of his crib is way below his nipple line, but we've kept his crib intact because honestly, he wasn't trying to get out, and we didn't want to deal with the increased freedom he'd have once we converted it.

We've been planning to change his crib to a toddler bed around his birthday, but this weekend while we were staying with family, he crawled out of his pack-n-play. It's only a matter of time before he does the same with his crib, so we've moved up the big conversion to this weekend.

I am really not looking forward to this, almost as much as I'm not looking forward to potty training, which is also looming too close for comfort. But it seems that every change in routine that I've dreaded, turns out to be a good thing. I'm sure that in a few days when the transition is over, I won't even remember what the fuss was about.

When I realized I wanted to use the word "countdown" in the title this post, I couldn't help but reminisce about some of my favorite G.O.B. antics...enjoy!!

[This video has been removed because of technical difficulties]


Kelly said...

Good luck with the switch! I agree that the anticipation of most transitions have been worse than actually doing it.

morgan said...

ahh, good 'ol gob!

Holly said...

I too am dreading the switch... eek.