Friday, October 24, 2008

Why my son is a genius and you should never be without your keys

So, I stepped into the garage for something and while I was out there, Evan decided to play with the doorknob and somehow locked the deadbolt. I didn't realize it until I tried go back inside and couldn't - I flipped out! I did a quick run through of all the entryways and knew they were all locked. Meanwhile, Evan was talking to me through the cat door and thought we were playing some kind of game. I tried to get him to unlock the door, but that didn't work. Then the little genius reached through and handed me my keys. Can you believe it - The boy handed me my keys.

Apparently, our son is smarter than we are, because as I tried unsuccessfully to unlock the door, I remembered that when we changed our locks, we never put the old garage keys on our chains. And then I flipped out again. I asked Evan to bring me my phone, and of course, he did. As I was dialing Jeff to tell him to come home immediately and let me in our house that my son locked me out of, I realized that, "duh," these keys unlock the front door!

I went inside and gave Evan a huge hug and breathed a big sigh of relief. We'll be fixing that key situation!


morgan said...

you are VERY lucky he is so smart! :)

pam said...

When we lived in ellettsville and I was pregnant with Luke I went to feed the outside dog and I had this strange feeling and turned around just to see Seth shut the door and lock it! Only no cat door no keys! I kept talking to him until he finally unlocked it and let me in! I am glad Seth listened to me and unlocked the door. Evan is a smart little man-keep him away from the keys that may be his next move, lol!

Holly said...

wow - you were very lucky! I can imagine the panic, immediate panic, you felt! eek.

LadyStahl said...

Wow...that is funny. Maddie just learned how to do this, so we are going to have to rig something up. But, I have been there. When we lived in Brownsburg I took some trash out to the curb and had shut the door, which we NEVER locked during the day, but for some reason had been locked, well needless to say I went ballistic and the girls were inside and I ended up kicking the door was unnerving, but a big lesson!