Sunday, February 08, 2009

He's Baaack!

Jeff and I just spent a very relaxing, toddler-free weekend. It was filled with adult conversations, quality time, movie watching, sleeping in, and nice dinners! We loved every minute of it, but we couldn't wait to see Evan today and give him the biggest of hugs.

I think that's one of best things about these weekends away. With a little distance between us and the tantrums, we're able to remember all of those things that we love dearly about our son.

It's also amazing how much he seemed to change in just two days. I swear that even his language is more advanced. Over lunch we heard him ask "why" for the first time, which I'm sure we'll be hearing more of in the upcoming months and years. And, as soon as we laid eyes on him, I thought for sure that he looked "chunkier." Although, that's really no surprise since he's been wanting to eat non-stop over the last two weeks. We're expecting a growth spurt any day now, and maybe that will put an end to all of the begging for food, and even better, maybe the "terrible twos!"

He had a ton of fun, and his Grandparents survived the weekend, so apparently he was manageable. He's had to detox from all of the non-stop spoiling attention, but being able to go outside this afternoon helped with that.

It was such a nice day, deceptively Spring like. We played t-ball, checked out all the new growth on our trees, and ran around getting muddy. Weird that just last week our yard was covered in 6+ inches of snow.

It's nice to have him home. He may be overwhelmingly trying sometimes, but we love this little guy!


morgan said...

glad everyone survived!

Kelly said...

Cute pictures! He's getting so big! I'm jealous of your kid free weekend!