Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is there a down side to sleeping in?

Yes, and it's ugly! Monday morning Evan slept in past 8:30 (his Grandparents must have worn him out!) It was nice to sleep in, but even better, he woke up in a super great mood. We didn't have a single tantrum, and then we went to our toddler group, where he ran around for an hour. I was looking forward to a lengthy nap and a fun afternoon enjoying the weather. All was well.

And then it wasn't.

Because he didn't nap.

Not even a wink.

After a couple hours of futility, I got him up and got him ready for the one thing that we had to do that afternoon - meet the girl (and her mom) who will be babysitting for us. Even without a nap, he was in a fairly good mood. I expressed the extreme importance that he be on his best behavior during our visit (whatever that means to a toddler,) and we were off.

He took to her very quickly, as usual, and had fun playing with her and her five year old brother. I got to know her mother while they played. I was getting more and more excited for our first "date night."

Then it was time to go, and I experienced the full brunt of his non-existent nap. Luckily her Mom had stepped out by that point so the humiliation was slightly lessened, but Evan became a complete nightmare. He had a full-on, crazy tantrum and refused to put on his shoes, all while flailing himself about. This sixteen year old, deer caught in headlights, had to help me get his shoes on and I had to practically drag him out the door.

When we got outside, I breathed a sigh of relief hoping she wouldn't be watching the rest of the tantrum from her window. And then I remember it was getting warm outside and saw all of the neighbors that were out. It was awful, the tantrum only got worse and I eventually had to throw him over my shoulder just to get him to the car, and of course it took me forever to get him strapped into his seat. He was screaming at the top of his lungs the entire time, we were a complete spectacle, and I was mortified.

The bad news - we hadn't scheduled her first official babysitting. We'll see if she returns my calls. Hopefully, she needs the money!


morgan said...

don't do it girl! run away! :) nah, i'm sure she'll still be up for it!

Holly said...

oh, she'll call! not to worry.

Amanda said...

I hope the sitter calls you back! I am sure she will. No-nap afternoons can be the worst!