Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Antics

Evan's new thing is not wanting to nap. His current fail safe approach to prolonging what should be the inevitable? Nudity. See, he and I play this dance at nap time. He knows I'll only go back in his room once for the door banging and screaming, at which point that usually stops, but he's got other tricks up his sleeve. The result - I end up spending way too much of my "free time" wondering what kind of crazy antics are keeping him awake.

His first trick is the constant threat of poop. He's all about the naptime poop and it always looms large. Every twenty minutes or so, I'm compelled to go back in and check his diaper, because he won't fall asleep with full pants.

His newest, the nudity, is pretty ingenious. On Friday, after at least half an hour of not napping, I went up to check on him. I walked in to find him standing in his bed completely naked, pointing to a pool of pee. Awesome. His clothes (and diaper,) by the way, had been neatly placed in his hamper. How nice of him. It happened again today, and with tactics like that, I'm forced to check on him much more than I'd like.

I appreciate all of his effort to get just a few more minutes with me, but really?!


Burgh Baby said...

You are SOOOO screwed. He's too smart for your own good.

LadyStahl said...

yikes, that is not cool! Have you tried sitting outside his door and reading or being on the computer and everytime he gets up, tell him to lay down? It might work..good luck!

Kelly said...

Ugh, I hope this is just a phase and he goes back to napping good! Poop issues led to the end of Griffin napping, but he was older so I probably gave in quicker than I would have at 2.