Friday, April 03, 2009

Did I forget to mention that?

I'm not sure the reason, exactly. Maybe I chose to block out the whole experience from my mind, or maybe my subconscious couldn't bare admitting defeat on such a public platform, but I completely forgot to mention our decision to abandon potty-training, 2 months ago - oops!

I go to this great toddler group and I was sharing some of our frustrations, when the person who leads it said, "maybe you should take a break." And, I was like, "yes, thank you, that is exactly what we should do!"

We'd been potty-training for almost two months and as long as I took Evan to the potty every half hour, he did a fabulous job. Well, except for the times that he'd make a stand and be a complete toddler about it. But, he'd never tell me when he needed to go, and sometimes even before the 30 minutes were up, he'd go in his underwear and not even care.

I thought about picking it back up over Spring break, but then with his asthma, we decided not to. So, we'll get back on the train this summer, and this time he'll be a bit older and I'll be with him every day. Hopefully, that will tip the success scales in our direction.

It's funny, though. I think the reason I never mentioned it was because none of us ever missed a beat. I came home from group that day, put him in a diaper, and never looked back. And, Evan, he couldn't have cared less. I think it had gotten to the point where I was pushing the issue, and I really didn't want it to go down that way. He won't even be 2 1/2 until May, so we're still ahead of the game. Until then, I'm going to live it up a while longer because man, potty training was a #@%*!


Alison said...

I think I'll need you to talk to Steve since he seems to think we should begin potty training with Barrett and he's only 18 months! I'm definitely not ready for that!

Oct said...

Sorry to butt in with non-parent comments (love your blog btw) but weren't John&Kate(tv show) still struggling with potty training when the kids were 3 1/2? If he isn't ready I don't think you should feel bad at all for giving things a break until summer.

Holly said...

sam has NO interest in PT. She'll be 3 in July. I'm not worried & it doesn't sound like u are either! lol.