Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to the grind

I went back to work last Wednesday and it was a fairly uneventful week. I've learned something about myself though. I'm a complete contradiction. I hate change, but I simultaneously seem to hate monotony.

When summer was approaching, I was depressed by the upcoming change in routine and the endless summer days trying to find ways to entertain my toddler. I think part of the problem I had with that transition was seeing those 10+ weeks stretch out in front of me and the possibility that we'd be stuck in a boring routine all summer. But wait. I love routines. So, what's that about?

Turns out we didn't have any problems finding entertainment this summer and actually had a lot of fun, so as school was about to start I found myself back in the traditional, "change is about to happen funk." And I kept coming back to the same thought, "the school year is just so long and it's the same thing every day."

I'm not sure what to make of it really. I know I detest change, but I also need it. It's strange to rely on something that you don't actually enjoy. Or maybe it's just the major changes that I don't like, but the small day to day ones I need. Who knows, but it's a good thing Fall break is around the corner!

Either way, it was a decent week, and Evan was really excited to resume his Grandma days and to spend the day with friends at daycare. He's such a social child, sometimes he gets desperate for the extra company. My work days definitely help fulfill that for him.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to adjust to having only 2 days off per week (I know, cry me a river, right!) But, it does impact a lot of my errand running, and definitely my workout schedule. I took last week completely off from exercise, but this week I need get back into a good routine.

I'm also finding time to work on my next round of recipes. That's a good sign that Summer is coming to a close. I only have 3 more weeks left of my Spring/Summer cookbook, so I'll be starting it over soon, as I work on the next installment. I've actually gotten a good start, and I'm hoping to have it finished by mid-September.

But right now? I'm going to bed, because I've got a rec center morning ahead of me and those are already too easy to ditch on Monday mornings!

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