Monday, September 28, 2009

Enjoying the outdoors

The weather seems to have finally figured out that it's Fall! This weekend, while it was still warm, we went out to my Mom's and played in the creek. Evan's Aunts and Uncles joined in too, which of course he loved! It was a good thing too, because Aunt Pam is a pro at catching crawdads. With her hands. Yikes!

Today we took a field trip to the Apple Orchard. It was a little windy, but it was nice to spend the first real day of Fall at an orchard. Evan came up with a new game, "Apple Catch." He'd look for non-rotten apples on the ground and then insist that we play catch with them. We picked up a few weird looking gourds at the shop and I got my favorite, strawberry-rhubarb preserves. I'm sure it won't taste as good as my Grandmother's homemade version, but still...And have I told you that I eat jam straight from the jar? Never have gotten in to sharing it with bread. Speaking of, I think it's time to bust out that spoon.

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