Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is week 20 and tomorrow is our long awaited ultrasound. I'm halfway through this pregnancy, which feels good! We've been talking more and more to Evan about the coming baby, and I think he mostly understands. It probably helps that he's been around babies at daycare. He's decided that he wants a brother, and knows we find out for sure tomorrow.

Jeff and I debated for a long time whether to take Evan with us to the ultrasound, but we decided against it. We are going to show him the DVD, and he'll be the first person we tell the gender to. We're all really excited! I think tonight will feel a little like Christmas Eve, and I'm glad our appointment is first thing in the morning, so I don't have to wait all day.

There's little else pregnancy-related to report. I'm feeling pretty good, and finally enjoy food again. Since last weekend, I've started feeling the baby move several times per day. We still haven't even touched the nursery, but I'm sure that will change after the ultrasound. And my due date seems both far away and shockingly soon all at the same time.

Until tomorrow...

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Alison said...

You are too cute! You look great!