Monday, January 04, 2010

It was cold, but fun!

Christmas break is officially over. Jeff went back to work today, and I go back tomorrow. The decorations came down yesterday and all the Christmas activities are over. Last week was so great! I love time off, of course, but it's never complete unless Jeff is here. We didn't do anything monumental, but we did spend a lot of quality family time together and got to hang out with several friends as well.

These are pictures from the 30 minutes we spent in the snow last Monday. It was soo cold, but Evan didn't seem to notice. I thought maybe we'd get more snow, but we didn't and the coverage didn't last long either. With the low temperatures, this was really our only time outside. But, I'm sure we'll have more opportunities as Winter drags on.

Evan learned all about icicles and snow angels, from his Daddy, cause I certainly wasn't laying down in the cold snow!

And then came the best part - the hot chocolate! Evan discovered that he loves hot cocoa, because it comes with marshmallows! By the end of the mug he was sporting a pretty sweet stache.

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