Monday, January 11, 2010

No longer an it!

We're having a girl! We're obviously excited and would have been happy either way, but all we know is what it's like to have and prepare for a boy, so I think I'm still processing this revelation! Because this pregnancy has been different in a lot of ways, part of me me thought she might be a girl, but I didn't linger on that thought, so today really was a surprise!

We both have only same-sex siblings, so the brother/sister combo is foreign to us. Plus, I think I've always assumed we'd have two boys, so I haven't done a lot of planning in the girl department. Our attic is full of Evan's clothes and toys that I've been saving these last 3 years. In some ways it's liberating to know we can get rid of everything and start over (because this is definitely our last,) but it's also daunting. And then there's the hair...I barely know how to do my own hair, let alone be responsible for my daughter's. Oh my. I'm going to have a daughter!

It's no secret that Evan is full of energy and always on the go, so we're hoping that having a little girl may balance the energy/activity level in our household. We know that Evan will be a great big brother, but he'll need to learn how to share attention and also how to be a tad gentler. Gentle is not his specialty :-)

We have a girl name saved from my first pregnancy, and that's probably what we'll name her, but I want to sit with it for a few weeks to make sure that it still works for this baby. We'd also already talked this time around about nursery ideas for a girl, so I think we're ready to start tackling that project.

Today on the way home from the ultrasound, I stopped at Target for a few things, and bought my first baby items - two super cute outfits. I've loved shopping for Evan, but it was a lot of fun picking out girl clothes!

In non gender related news, baby girl is measuring 7 days ahead of schedule, so the doctor is considering moving up my due date. Most likely she'll keep it the same and see how things progress. And honestly, I'd rather have a later due date and be pleasantly surprised if I go into labor early, than have an earlier due date and wait around forever. The doctor also said the measurements might just mean that I'm having a bigger baby...hmm...that one I'm not so sure about!

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Phillips said...

Yay for little girls!!!! And clothes buying is definitely fun. So fun that Leah will have a little miss VerWayne to be friends with!