Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life is only going to get busier

I'm at home today in exchange for tomorrow, when I have a training to attend. Since our ultrasound made Monday morning feel like one of my regular work days, I've been confused all week about what day it is. I need to get used to the discombobulation, because at the end of the month my schedule is getting a permanent change.

I'm going to start working Mondays through Wednesdays to better accommodate the addition of a second therapist covering my off days. This is a good change because next year when Evan goes to preschool, I was going to have to make that change anyway.

I'll still have a 4 day weekend, and I like the idea of getting work out of the way so early in the week. But, I'll miss having my Mondays to recover and prepare for the week. And then there's the preschool schedule that I'm already stressed about! So far the plan is for my Mom and Jeff to tag team one of his school days, with me being home for the other. Those will definitely be busy days! Maybe I'll just work 2 days per week, or maybe not at all, hmm...

I think I'll like being home on Thursdays though, because it seems that there are more activity options then. It's always been hard for us to find classes and activities that are held on Mondays or Fridays. This summer should be interesting too. We're hoping to start Evan in soccer and resume some of our classes, but I'll be toting around a newborn as well.

Everyday I realize how much more hectic our life is about to become!

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