Monday, February 01, 2010

I think the words you're looking for are, "wow, has she blown up!"

I'm in my 23rd week of this pregnancy! I can't believe it's already February and this baby will be here in May. Week 40 sounds very far away. But May? Not so much. One of my weekly updates says that baby girl is the size of an ear of corn. I love how they relate everything to food. I guess they figure that's what we pregnant ladies understand best.

I'm feeling pretty good, well, except for some nasty posterior pelvic pain. There are some nights that it's almost so bad that I have trouble walking. It's my own fault really. I messed something up when I was pregnant with Evan and I never got it fixed. I'm not going to make the same mistake this time, I'll be talking with my Doctor about seeing a PT! There is a positive side to getting bigger. Baby girl is finally big enough for Jeff to feel her kick too. She's very sly though. She'll be moving all over the place until Jeff puts his hand on my stomach and then she pretends to sleep :-) She's already so much fun!

We've been busy getting the nursery ready to paint. When we had Evan, we made sure to buy neutral bedding and accessories so we could re-use everything the second time around. It was a nice idea, but we're not sticking to it. I'm just not feeling neutrals this time, so we're starting over. We don't really have a theme, but we're painting the walls a pale violet. My inspiration is a quilt top that my Great Grandmother made. It's full of purples, pinks, and other bright colors. I found it a few years ago when we were cleaning out my Grandma's house. I wasn't even pregnant with Evan yet, but I knew that it would look great in a girl's room, so I asked Mom to save it just in case. She's going to have it finished and then I'll place it on the crib. The rest of the bedding I plan to piece together. Cheaply!

I've also been busy collecting clothes, both for me and baby girl. Some of you know that my Mom is a garage sale addict, which definitely has it's benefits. She's been gathering clothes for both boys and girls for years now, and as a result we hardly ever have to buy clothes for Evan. She recently brought over a huge bag of 0-3 month girl clothes, and it was so fun to go through it and picture baby girl wearing all of the cute outfits. Between those and the few things that I just couldn't resist from buying, her wardrobe seems to be complete.

Mom's garage sale habit does have a downside though, I stored all of my maternity clothes at her house when we were moving, and she accidentally sold them in one of her own garage sales. Luckily I've found ways to make the very few things I've bought stretch several months, mainly thanks to Belly Bands. But last week my friend Amanda, whose little girl is almost 2 months old, saved me from my lack of style and gave me a HUGE bin of great maternity clothes. It's so nice to finally have an abundance of choices when getting ready!

And then there's the question of the we have a name yet? No, and we haven't really spent adequate time ironing out that detail. We've had a few conversations, but haven't settled on anything yet. That's next on the list!


Nikki said...

You look great and I love that shirt! It's so nice that females can now be fashionable while they are pregnant :) Have fun getting the nursery prepared!

Phillips said...

Glad someone is benefitting from my pregnancy induced shopping! It does make me feel better that the clothes are getting used since one only wears them for 4-6 months.