Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow days, exercise, and projects

I'm currently enjoying a paid snow day, the very best kind! I don't really have PTO, so if my school closes on a day I work, I usually have to make up that day. Unless the company I'm contracted with closes their offices, and in that case it's a freebie. But, today was even better. My company closed, and my school didn't. I got paid to stay home, even though school was in session. Awesome! I probably won't have accomplished much by the end of my three days off this week, but hey, I'm pregnant. Speaking of which...

This is week number 24 in my pregnant world, which means I've passed by another month. I see my doctor this week and my next visit will mark the end of monthly appointments. After that I'll be there a lot more often.

We painted the nursery this weekend, and the color turned out perfectly! The furniture is organized, but we haven't done any decorating yet. I'm still looking for the right accents, so that will be a work in progress. Poor baby girl, she's getting the smallest room in the house. Evan's room and Jeff's office (the other bedroom) are fairly big, but hers is just a little box. Although, I do think it will feel bigger when it no longer has all of the nursery necessities, because our rocker takes up a ton of space!

I'm feeling bigger every day, but I'm still managing to fit in a couple workouts per week. Because I felt so awful, I took an exercise hiatus in the middle of my first trimester. But once I got through the holidays, working out became a priority again. Granted, my work outs aren't what they once were, but I enjoy them. My back usually feels better after I exercise as well, so that's added incentive.

And what about Evan? He loves the baby's room. He constantly wants to go in there and sift through all of his old toys and books, like he's finding buried treasure. He talks about baby girl a lot more now and even prays for her at night. It's all terribly cute. And also reminds me on a daily basis how I have yet to start finish Evan's baby book. I think I've decided to cut my losses and realize that it's highly unlikely I will ever be gifted at scrapbooking, so I'm going a different route. I'm going to do a photo book instead, and I'll leave room in the back for things that need to be attached. I enjoy doing those, and they're so much easier, plus I'll have Jeff for editing. My plan is to have it finished by baby's arrival. That should not be a problem for even my procrastinating self!

Before I can start work on the photo book, I have to finish another project. My spring/summer cookbook. I want it to be finished in plenty of time, so I won't have any meal planning to do before or after the baby is born. I've already compiled the recipes, so now I'm working on the menus before moving on to the fun part (insert sarcasm,) the data entry. I'm really looking forward to this edition, it's at least 75% new recipes and a lot of them fall in the salad category. Lots of light/fast dinners for those hot summer days! And speaking of, that's actually what I should be working on right now...

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Lauren Stahl said...

I started the girl's baby books but never finished, so I too have been doing the photo books. I have done one for every year and will probably keep doing that. My ultimate goal is to make one every year and either give them to them when they graduate college or get married :-)