Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photography via Evan

One of Evan's favorite things to do while I'm upstairs getting ready, is to sneak our camera and start taking pictures. Sometimes, I don't even know he's done it until I go to upload pictures and see that there's 100+ photos on our camera. When I look through them, I almost feel as if I'm spying on him, especially when he's taken video.

As I said earlier, I honestly think he's taking more pictures than I am these days. But, that's about to change. I've finally decided to get a "new" camera. I've been doing some research and I think I've found the dslr I want. I'm not willing to spend the money on a new one, so I've been keeping my eye on a few used ones on Ebay. I really just want a camera that will take decent pictures of Evan and baby when we're inside. My point and shoot can usually handle outside pics, but when we're inside it's completely useless. And after this long Winter, stuck indoors, I'm ready for a change!

But, this isn't about me, so on to the main attraction - Evan's collection...

First off we have the Kitchen Series:

This inspired close-up features Evan's Batmobile.

And these are a few highlights from his Bedroom Series:

Evan gets creative with perspective using his flashlight truck and bean bag.

He was clearly experimenting with abstract composition here with his Buzz Lightyear.

We hope you've enjoyed this collection, and please, No un-authorized re-prints!

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