Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter, be gone!

My blogging has become so sporadic that I end up having way too much ground to cover when I finally sit down to write. That's becoming especially problematic when trying to title these mish-mash posts!

First off, I am completely over the snow! And the cold. And Winter in general. I think my breaking point was earlier in the week when I heard the weatherman say that the average high for this time of year is forty degrees. FORTY DEGREES! That's a heatwave compared to any temperature we've seen in what feels like months. There are lots of reasons to dislike the cold, not the least of which is what it does to our heating bill. And at this rate, April's bill won't be pretty either. We, of course, plan for these high months, but they're currently the only thing standing in the way of us getting a new car, and that's irritating. Our plan has always been to buy the new car as soon as the drop in our heating bill came, but if Jeff has to spend one more week driving my crap-mobile through the snow, all bets are off - Everyone has their breaking point! We officially start car shopping in March, and we're both very excited!

Secondly, there's Valentines Day. We had a great weekend. Saturday, we went out as a family, and on Sunday, Jeff and I had our official date. We had dinner downtown at Fogo De Chao, where baby definitely got her fill of protein, and then hung out at the Chocolate Cafe. We actually sat in the same exact seats that we sat in on our first date. It was purely by accident, but kind of cool once we realized. I love our date nights! When we got home, one of the first questions I asked our babysitter was "what's the youngest child you've babysat for?" To which she replied, "one month." Not that I plan to leave our newborn with the babysitter, but it's still good to know :-)

This is the end of my 25th week. The quality on this picture is dismal, but I was wearing a dress for the first and probably last time of this pregnancy, and I'd actually spent time on my hair. I figured I had to document all that effort.

When uploading this picture, I realized that besides the pregnant shots, Evan is the only one in this house taking pictures lately. My goal is to do a much better job of that in the months to come. I'll be posting Evan's photography soon as well - Very entertaining! Of course, I'm blaming my lack of camera use on Winter. It deserves it!

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