Thursday, March 04, 2010

No More Blue Car!!

Jeff is practically skipping for joy! We took the plunge and bought our new car this weekend. We had some extra time on Saturday so we decided to do some window shopping, and you know how that goes, by the end of the day we'd bought a car. It was really only 2 weeks ahead of schedule, so no harm done.

We had been all set to look exclusively at Rav 4's, but then we started seeing/hearing good things about the new Kia Sorento. The more we checked it out, the better we liked it. We approached car shopping much like house buying. We made a list of our top priorities: Price, 3rd row, all wheel drive, not American (it's a personal preference not a patriotic statement,) and gas mileage. That left us with roughly 3-4 crossover options. We highly considered buying new-used, but we keep our cars for 10 years at a time, so we wanted a car that we knew would last. In the end, the "2011" Sorento won out. We got a tad more space in our 3rd row and a better warranty for a great price. It's got a few features we've never had before, like heated seats, but otherwise it's fairly basic, and exactly what we need.

Our goal is to never have more than one car payment, and to pay each car off as quickly as possible, so we've been payment free for a year. It was nice while it lasted! Jeff is beyond psyched to not be driving the Mirage anymore. And I'm very excited to drive the new car! With a toddler and a baby on the way, we'll see how long it feels new!


Anonymous said...

Very hap!!

Anonymous said...

Very Happy for you!

morgan said...

i'm excited to see the new car! one of the hair stylists above me drives one of those. it's nice, but she does get stuck in our parking lot if it's too snowy/icy..just to warn ya. but, hers is a few yrs old now