Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Her name...

We've been deliberating about Baby Girl's name for 8 months, and we've finally come to a decision! We've read baby name books, surfed baby name websites, and discussed our options. But it seems that all of that was unnecessary because we ended up right back where we'd started.

When we were pregnant with Evan, the only name we had going into our ultrasound was our girl name. Of course, it turned out that we didn't need that name, but we never forgot it, and revisited it when we found out about this pregnancy.

We didn't want to choose that name just because it was easy, so we really tried to think of other options. But in all of our looking, we didn't find any name we liked better. And then a few weeks ago one of us accidentally referred to her by that name, and we realized that we'd known her name all along!

So, without further adieu...Our soon-to-be-born baby girl's name is Aida Claire.

It meets all of my "crazy" requirements. It can't really be shortened. It isn't too trendy. It's German so it flows well with our last name, and it even sounds good paired with Evan. We did change one thing from our original name. Four years ago, we had planed to spell it Ada, but we wanted it to stand out a little from the name Ava, so we added the I.

So, there you have it. All that build up, and most of you probably knew her name already! We're getting more and more excited to meet little Aida. Less than 2 months now! Next up, pictures of the nursery!


Nate, Jan, Eva, and Elijah said...

LOVE IT!!!!! you're right, it's great with your last name too. So excited for you guys!!!

Phillips said...

Very cute, we thought about claire for a middle name too. Can't wait to meet Miss Aida, not very long till we can!!!