Wednesday, April 14, 2010

33 Weeks

I'm half-way through week 33, which means in only three weeks I'll start getting weekly check-ups. When I was pregnant with Evan, I was dilated 2 centimeters by 36 weeks and 4 centimeters at the end. But did I go into labor early? No! In fact, I was overdue. Because of the progress, we spent every day of that last month thinking "this is the day," and time went by very slowly! We are not doing that this time. I don't care what she tells me each week, I expect to be pregnant until June, and if it turns out differently, I get to be pleasantly surprised.

Jeff finalized his time off last week. He'll be home for two weeks again, and I'm sooo glad. His presence was invaluable the first time, but I imagine I'll need it even more this time. Or maybe it's Evan that will need it :-) Evan is such a Daddy's boy, so it will help that Jeff will be here to give him lots of attention when baby Aida arrives. My only problem with him being home for so long is that I start to get used to it and then it's harder when he goes back to work.

The closer my due date gets the closer I get to the end of school, and that's exciting. I love the end of the year! Because I only work three days and I have so much to wrap up before I'm off for the summer, my weeks go very quickly in May. Today, I started the countdown on my dry erase board - I only have 18 more days of school left!

On the recipe front, I have an official release/post date - Monday 4/19. Everything is finished, I only need to upload my changes and have Jeff give them a fresh look.


Alison said...

Love the spring flowers on here! I usually read what you write on Google reader and don't come to the site directly, so sorry if they've been there awhile! :-)

Anyway, that's why I never got checked with my kids. I didn't want to get excited and then nothing happens! Very exciting that it's getting so close! Great picture of you and Evan, too! You look absolutely fantastic!

Lauren Stahl said...

Remember when Jeff goes back to work we are right down the street and we can help entertain Evan and who knows maybe the dinner fairy will bring you a few meals :-)