Thursday, April 15, 2010

It just keeps happening

I keep getting older! Tomorrow is my birthday. My 32nd birthday. I'm not exactly thrilled about getting older, but what are you going to do? Me? I'm taking the day off and going to the spa. I'm getting a prenatal massage and a MUCH needed pedicure. I haven't had my "it's flip flop time" pedi yet, but I'm too pregnant to care what people think of my feet, so I've been wearing sandals anyway. I will feel a lot better though once they're more presentable.

Evan is going to daycare tomorrow, and I get to sleep in, spend a few hours at the spa, eat lunch with Jeff, and maybe take a nap before picking him up. I also get my birthday present. A selection of Godiva chocolates, hand-picked by Jeff, with my specifications of course! Friday night I'm enjoying a girls' night. Saturday night Jeff and Evan are taking me out, and then next weekend is our date night because Grandma is taking Evan for the weekend. I may not like getting older, but I sure do love my birthday!!

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Lauren Stahl said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!