Tuesday, April 06, 2010

How I spent my Spring break

I had a lot of goals for this Spring break, and although I did accomplish some of them, I did not get to all of them. Monday was my do-absolutely-nothing day, and I was quite successful with that! Tuesday we went to visit my Grandmother in the nursing home, and then Mom took Evan and I to a nearby sheep farm so he could see lambs. Wednesday we had a playdate and spent most of the day outside doing fun things like eating popsicles. Thursday we went shopping and spent more time outside, and Friday was our zoo trip.

I took lots of naps, got my blogging caught up, and spent quality time with Evan, but I obviously did not finish my recipes. I did make considerable progress on them, just not enough to post. All the recipes are entered and proofed, but I still have the shopping lists to compile and those are on the agenda for this week.

We also finished emptying our attic of all the items we'll need for Aida, and I can not believe how many clothes we had up there for Evan. Jeff kept bringing down box after box. All clothes. It made me suddenly feel as if we don't have enough clothes for Aida. Or maybe we just had much, much more than we needed for Evan.

I know I promised pics of the nursery and once I actually take them, I will post them. But there are still just a couple of things that aren't exactly where they should be and I can't bring myself to take pictures until I consider it completely finished. I'm only a little particular :-)

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